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Hi, I'm Meet Chopra

I’m a marketer at Freshworks. I write copy, emails and work on SEO for products like Freshping and Freshstatus. In simple words, I grow website traffic without spending any money. I call it, Marketing for Free. I'm writing an article in detail on what I do here.

I'm a creator too. I create and work on products like Prosper (a video popup tool), Spotlight (superhuman for chrome), and many more. I’m grateful to see my products used by thousands of businesses. 

As a creator, I believe we, creators are artists. The work we do is art. Just like, a painter paints, a singer sings, dancers dance, creators create. We create. Whether it’s a product, a small tool, or an online business. Creating something from scratch and launching publicly takes effort. It takes courage to publish online.

Being a creator, I learned everything on internet and I'm excited to share some of my favourite links on topics I like the most. They have inspired my work greatly. Here's my bookmarks folder on internet:


Intercom on Marketing

Growth Marketing by Julian Shapiro

Marketing Examples

This won't Scale

Notes on superhuman acquisition loops


Writing Handbook by Julian Shapiro

The ultimate guide to writing online

Writing with emotional hooks


Visual hierarchy and spacing in web design


Nathan Barry on Sales

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I write about reasons behind a company's growth, learnings I got from the products I'm working on and articles I like the most.