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Hey there 👋! I'm Meet Chopra. I'm a product marketer working with Freshworks. I drive growth at Freshworks with zero dollar marketing budget. I'm building Prosper, a video marketing platform with first-ever video popups.

  • I was nominated as Community member of the year 2019 in Golden Kitty Awards by Product Hunt. I have made small projects like Email Verifier (#2 Product of the day), Stream torrent on web (#1 on Hacker News), Popups (Failed to find product market-fit)
  • I recently built Spotlight. You have seen spotlight on MacBook? I made it for Chrome. You can download it here - Webstore link
  • I'm focused on building Prosper. Prosper got #5 on Product Hunt. The product is in the early stage. I will be iterating on the ideas and finding product market fit. I will be sharing my learnings along the way here. I'm recently working with @_nightguy on Prosper.
  • We are also building a changelog product - Station together. Station is your product's own newsfeed.

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I write about reasons behind a company's growth, learnings I got from the products I'm working on and articles I like the most.